The Maclaren Stroller Was Designed by a Fighter Plane Designer

My wife asked me to find a lightweight stroller for our baby that was sturdy. She said she wanted the perfect stroller, and she entrusted me to find it. She knew that I would pour over stats and specs until I chose one that met all of the criteria that she desired in a stroller. I happened on a quinny stroller while I was doing my research on the Internet.

I could not pass this one up. I mean it was designed by Owen Maclaren who worked on the design of the World War II fighter plane called the Spitfire. His daughter wanted a better stroller than the ones that were available at the time. And just like a guy does, especially a dad or husband, Owen designed a better one. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I thought I would order one for my wife.

When it arrived, she was thrilled. It really is a very fashionable stroller that my wife told me she would not be embarrassed to have out in public. It looks really cool too. It has a five-point safety harness for our baby that reminds me of a race car. It has large diameter wheels and a suspension system. There are seven basic models to choose from, and it is still very lightweight. This is no cheap plastic model of stroller you are going to find in the typical baby section of a department store.

My wife told me that it is well made, and she likes that it can hold 55 pounds of stuff. I asked what she could possibly be carrying along with the baby that weighs a total of 55 pounds. Well, she showed me. Our baby has her own support infrastructure when she goes for a stroll, and she has a great stroller to get there in.

A New Health Craze in a Fruit Supplement

Lately I’ve been hearing about the health benefits of many different fruits. Things like berries are always being turned into different juices and added to smoothies due to their vitamins and nutrients. The other day I heard about a fruit that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention in the past, but now seems to be getting noticed. Apparently, there is a fruit that comes from Asia called the cambogia garcinia fruit. This fruit isn’t like any other fruit that you get from a tree, and that’s because of what you can do with the fruit.

The components of the fruit make it a powerful agent for losing weight. The key to the fruit is found in its rind. The rind is used to create a miracle extract that can prevent the body from storing excess fat cells.

Things Are Bigger in Texas

The day we found out that we were moving from New England to Texas, my husband and I were completely shocked. We were going to have to move due to this new job position. He was getting such a big boost in his salary that we were going to be able to move to Texas and I would not have to find a job when we got there. In addition, I was going to be able to stay home with the new baby that we were expecting. I was so happy. We saw that energy providers in texas were very large, and that he was going to be able to work in his new position in a very large complex with thousands of other people. The energy company that he was working for in New England was tiny compared to the large complex that he was going to be working in. Continue reading

How Our Vacation Changed Our Web Design and Store Hours

Download Skill Videos » Videos » HomeI work hard running my business. I get bogged down in the day to day operation the same as any other business owner does. Recently I started to see things differently. It started after I came back from a much needed vacation I took with my wife to the mountains. The fresh air and cabin we were staying in had broken the cycle of routine I was stuck in with our business. When I got back I saw that we needed to revamp a lot of things including the web design on our domain.

When I walked into our retail store the first day back to work after vacation I saw the floor. It looked dirty to me. I went and looked at some footage of the security camera from before I left. It looked the same then.

Started Planning the New House

Megan and I have just now started planning the house. We bought the land about a year or so ago, it is really nice bit of land within sight of Cedar Creek Reservoir. We went in with some of our friends on a nice big piece of land, but of course we could not afford the part that was closest to the water. Of course we can not afford to build the sort of mansions you see down there. I am trying to look at the available texas energy options and looking at how best to air condition the place actually. The house we are leaving was terrible when it came to paying to keep it cool in the Texas summer. Continue reading