Working in the Youth Theater

I was bored with retirement, so I started looking around for some stuff to keep me busy. It was not like I was looking for a full time job, but I sort of found one. My niece was in this youth theater group and she was the star of the show, but it started to look as though there would not be a show because they did not have the basic stuff you need. For example if you look around you will see some Vitiligo make up by microskin. I did not know what that was, but it is actually there to cover up a fake scar that they put on one of the actors. Continue reading

A Better Way to Think of Finances

Growing up in a family that was rather irresponsible with their money did nothing to help me as an adult. I have long struggled with my finances which have caused me quite a few issues including but not limited to owing far too much debt! If it hadn’t been the help of this personal finance blog that I came across, I would have never been able to finally get my finances under control. My experience with this has lead me to conclude that finances should be part of any high school curriculum to better prepare the students for the world of economics.

I know that I am not the only one who grew up without the guidance of parents who were familiar with finances. Continue reading

Cream Products for Breast Enhancement

I have been teased, and at times, mocked, for the size of my breasts in my life. I really wish that I had larger breasts, and it is strange that they turned out to be so small, on account of the size of my mother’s and my sister’s. I really wish that I could find something that would help me to get larger breasts. I have been trying to look for a naturaful cream review, or a couple of them, to help me to decide if this is a product that would be worth my time to invest in.

If it is could possibly help me to improve my breast size, then I would be very happy. I want to move up from an A cup, to a B cup size. I feel that wearing A cup bras is like basically not having any breasts at all. I am pretty sure that I would do just about anything to improve my breast size, as long as it did not come down to surgery. I would never consider surgery for this issue, because it just seems so extreme, and I also have quite a phobia about surgery.

I have never tried a product that is described to help to increase boob size in a natural manner. I have heard of such products before, but I never really put much stock into them. I was told by a close friend, that I should, at least, give them a shot. I really do not see what I would have to lose, and it turned out to work well, then that would be amazing. I just have no idea how it will work at the moment. and that is the impetus for my search for reviews on the subject, to help me get a better understanding of how they work.