The Homes I Flip Get a Little Help from Me and the Experts

I’m a husband and a father of four children. We had one little girl, and then the next thing my wife and I knew, she was pregnant with twins. We always thought we would have only two children, so to find ourselves with 4 children was a shock. I decided that I needed a way to earn more money for my family. My father-in-law told me that I should try flipping homes. I have done well with it so far by doing most of the work on my own. Recently, I decided to hire roofing contractors in Bronx NY to help the process along. While I have done pretty well on most of the interior work on the homes I have bought and flipped, I do not know how to do electrical work and I have found that I do not do as well on roofs as the experts can.

My dad was a carpenter, so I learned some things from watching him when I was a young boy. I had no siblings, so my dad was my best friend. Continue reading

Save Money and Get a Great Deal

Living in New York was a dream of mine since I went to fashion design school. New York is the center of fashion and you could just sit and soak up the culture. I had found the cutest little apartment and I wanted to get a good deal on cable for my apartment. I found this website to be very helpful.

Living in New York is not cheap so I needed to save money anywhere I could. I loved my new apartment and since you can’t get any TV shows with a little antenna anymore it was a must to have cable TV. Continue reading

Trying to Add a Bit of Muscle Mass

I have started working on something at the gym lately. I have been trying to add a bit of muscle mass, but of course the idea is that I want to be remain at a high level of quickness so that you are able to cope with anything you run into on the field. Of course I am looking at some things like perhaps looking for a shakeology discount if that is going to help me add some bulk. Of course I am not looking to bulk up to no purpose. It is not like body building where you just need to strike a pose and make your muscles pop out for the audience. This is about being able to perform. Continue reading

Harvesting Power in the Wrong Way

Consumers are familiar and comfortable with conventional power sources. Power generated by fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, or petroleum (oil) is widely used across the world and many countries rely on these finite resources as the primary sources of power production. According to the latest report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (2011a), fossil fuels are expected to continue supplying much of the energy used worldwide, with petroleum based fuels remaining the largest source of energy.However, there are significant problems with relying on this type of energy.

Firstly, fossil fuels are not considered a renewable energy. The formation of coal, natural gas and oil takes millions to billions of years; consequently these resources will be consumed well before they are renewed. Experts have suggested that the world is currently at the peak of oil production, with only another forty years of oil reserves available and sixty five years of gas remaining. With population growth continuing to rise and the nature of economic growth and consumption, undoubtedly these fossil fuels will become very scarce and eventually unavailable. Continue reading

Saving Your Home from Mold


If you are suspicious that you may have a mold problem in your home, it is important to have it tested. A friend of mine who works with roofing contractors in NYC suggested to me that the roof is the first place that I should look. If I have a crawlspace then it’s likely that water has collected there, soaking into the wood which becomes the perfect home for different types of molds and fungi. Mold is one of the most aggressive infestations that any homeowner can battle. Too, they can easily cause a home to quickly become unlivable. Many molds have been linked to different types of health hazards including asthma and even brain tumors. This is why it is so important to get rid of the mold as soon as you find it before it’s too late for your home and family. Continue reading