I Lucked out in Love


It was just fortune, I met this girl at TCU and one thing led to another. One day a couple of weeks ago I told her that my roommate was going to graduate early and I had to find someone else to split my rent with me. That was when I realized that she had a good deal of money. In fact her family owns a lot of land which has oil and gas under it. She has one of those really nice apartments in North Fort Worth and she told me that I could just move in with her. Of course I should have figured out that she was richer than me all along. Continue reading

Less Outages and Good Savings on the Bill

My brother, tired of yet another one of my rants about a power outage, suggested I check into an electricity providers website in order to come up with some options. I need them. The service we’ve been getting has gone down hill year after year. It started with an occasional outage and now it’s almost like we’re experiencing rolling blackouts on a regular basis. Funny how the bill keeps increasing year after year as the service declines. After the power went out during Thanksgiving dinner when we had thirty people in the house, I knew that was the last straw.

I’m so thankful for my brother’s suggestion. Continue reading

Hunting for a New Apartment

I have been out of college for a couple of months now and for a little while I have been sleeping at my Mom’s condo, but that is really not a long term solution. She has no extra room, at least not until my baby sister leaves for college in another year. So I have been looking for the best apartments for rent in Florissant MO that fit my budget. I really want a place there because that is where my new job is and like most people I do not particularly care for getting out of bed any sooner than it is absolutely necessary. Continue reading