Being Prepared for Cyber Monday

My daughter loves to play this game on her phone. It is a farming game, and she plays it several minutes here and there. She makes me smile because she doesn’t have a lot of hobbies or interests, and I like that this has captured her interest enough to play it every day. Like I said, she has been playing it on her phone, but that screen is so small. I decided not long ago that I was going to look at the Cyber Monday tablet deals 2017 to see if there was an affordable one that I would be able to get for her.

I used to just go out on Black Friday, but the crowds get on my nerves way too much now. It used to be fun, but now people are just so rude that it takes all the joy out of it for me. That is when I turned to Cyber Monday, which is gaining in popularity every year it seems. Continue reading

Financing My New Business to Protect My Assets

I’ve wanted to start my own business for a while now. Ever since I graduated business school, I knew that this was the direction that I would be taking. I didn’t realize how complicated it could be to get started. I am at the stage where I’ve done a little bit of work, but I have a long way to go. Right now, I’m researching how to get corporate credit. I want to make sure that my businesses funded with money that comes from a separate source then my personal use accounts. It’s really important to me that I make sure that my business and personal assets are separate from one another, just to make sure that I am protected in the event that anything goes wrong.

I heard some really great things about one funding company in particular, and they were recommended to me by several of my business associates. Continue reading

We Needed to Be More Than Just an Account Number in a Herd of People

When we got married we had a list of things we needed to accomplish. The first was buying a house together, and then starting a family. We both had good jobs that were in a secure industry. The next things was to find an insurance agent that would be with us for the long haul. I absolutely do not want to deal with customer service of any big company. I want a real person I can go to if I have a problem or a question. If you have had any negative experiences calling into a big company for answers to questions, you know what I mean. Continue reading

The New Taste of Nuts


The grocery store was sold out of my favorite walnuts one day, and I was too lazy to drive to the other stores to get some, so I looked for walnuts to buy online. The first place I looked had walnuts for a fairly high price. On top of that, the shipping price was absurd, so I looked elsewhere. I found one store that had walnuts, but they were a little different from the ones that I usually get. They had ginger mixed in with them, which I thought was odd at first, but then I realized it would probably be a good combination.

I ordered the ginger mixed walnuts and while waiting for them to come, I broke down and bought some peanuts at the store. While peanuts technically aren’t even nuts, I was hungry for something that would fill that particular void, and peanuts were the cheapest thing that the store had. I’ve never been a fan of pistaccios, and the almonds were too pricey, along with the cashews and pecans. Maybe I should stop relying on this particular store for nuts, because they really aren’t doing a good job of keeping what I want in stock or having fair prices.

Once the walnuts came, I opened them and popped a few in my mouth. The ginger mixed with them really brought out the flavor than if they were on their own. I don’t know if mixing ginger with other kinds of nuts will create the same great flavor, but it’s worth a shot. There are plenty of nut combinantions that can be made, and if they all get enhanced the same way, then I think someone can make quite a bit of money from selling that mix online or in stores. I know I would buy a lot.

Packaging Roasted Pumpkin Seeds for a Living

I enjoy eating seeds. My favorite are pumpkin seeds, but the commercial offerings for the product were not that good anymore. I remember the seeds having a toasty or roasted taste to them when I was a kid. Now they just taste like salt. I wanted to recapture that flavor experience, so I planted pumpkins and made my own seed treats. I experimented with flavorings and seasonings until I got that roasted seed taste that was savory as well as salty. Not long after I was using two net weight filling machines in a makeshift commercial kitchen we made in a renovated building on our property.

I let friends and family have some, and that was all it took to have a business. I had went through my pumpkins fast, and tried to find a fresh pumpkin seed supplier that was local. I made a deal with a local pumpkin grower that sold whole pumpkins and canned pumpkin for the seeds. Continue reading