A Chiropractor Helped Me Lose Weight

I was having a hard time losing weight. With some people, this can be because they lack the willpower to eat less and exercise more. That wasn’t my problem though. I knew that I could probably do better than I was, but I was still doing enough that the pounds should have at least been slowly coming off. My doctor suggested that I see a chiropractor in Glendale AZ for help, which really confused me. I knew that would make sense if I had whiplash or was complaining of back pain, but I did not see how a chiropractor could help me with my weight loss efforts.

He told me that a chiropractor can actually help in many different areas, not just back pain. I made an appointment with one, not sure if this was the right move or not. When the chiropractor was done with my physical exam, I was completely honest with him. I told him I wanted to lose weight, and I was not cheating or being delusional, which is probably what a lot of people thought. He told me that he should be able to help me with just basic adjustments.

I was confused on this, and he explained that subluxations of the spine can actually cause a person to gain weight. When I told him that one of the reasons I wasn’t exercising more was because of the back pain that was a result, he explained that this wold more than likely fix this. I had always just assumed that I had that pain because I was overweight, so it was a relief to know that was actually part of the problem and not a side effect. I went through several weeks of adjustments, and I have never felt better. I started being more active, and the weight did start to come off finally. It feels great to be on this side of the weight loss problems!