A Good Way to Avoid Taxes

It’s not a secret that incorporating company in Singapore can save you a lot of money in taxes. There’s a reason Singapore is chock full of various businesses of all sorts, and that reason is because the corporate tax rate in many areas of the world is a wallet buster. Even in the United States the corporate tax rate is much higher than it should be. You would think in this day and age of globalism that politicians would figure out that anyone with a bankroll and the ability to do so can move operations to Singapore while still doing business in the U.S.

I’m not saying it’s right. In fact, I feel kind of bad about doing it, but money is money and the economic competition is fierce. I need that money to pay employees and grow my business. If I stay in the United States and pay the extra money, my competitors all go overseas and they don’t pay any of it. Guess what happens? I go out of business and all my employees get laid off. Worse, there’s less competition to ensure the other companies make better products. It’s really a no brainer to go to Singapore.

The problem was figuring out a way through the red tape. It’s easy to do business here, but you need to know the laws and know the paperwork that needs to be filed. That’s why I found a company online that handles all of it for what is really a low cost. You get all sorts of benefits when you sign on. They even offer a registered address for you in the city so you can technically say you’re in Singapore doing business. I also got help with a corporate secretary which is required under Singapore’s business laws. Really it’s a great way to do business.