I Learned About Something Today

My boss has pretty much loaned me out to his wife and daughter. He called me up to his office and told me that the two of them were driving him insane with the wedding planning, so he was going to make me the surrogate father of the bride. He gave me a company credit card, but gave me instructions on how to cover up the fact that they were going to use the company to help pay for the thing. This morning the two of them went to the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore and they took me along so that I could take notes while they were waiting. Continue reading

Being Prepared for Cyber Monday

My daughter loves to play this game on her phone. It is a farming game, and she plays it several minutes here and there. She makes me smile because she doesn’t have a lot of hobbies or interests, and I like that this has captured her interest enough to play it every day. Like I said, she has been playing it on her phone, but that screen is so small. I decided not long ago that I was going to look at the Cyber Monday tablet deals 2017 to see if there was an affordable one that I would be able to get for her.

I used to just go out on Black Friday, but the crowds get on my nerves way too much now. It used to be fun, but now people are just so rude that it takes all the joy out of it for me. That is when I turned to Cyber Monday, which is gaining in popularity every year it seems. Continue reading

Financing My New Business to Protect My Assets

I’ve wanted to start my own business for a while now. Ever since I graduated business school, I knew that this was the direction that I would be taking. I didn’t realize how complicated it could be to get started. I am at the stage where I’ve done a little bit of work, but I have a long way to go. Right now, I’m researching how to get corporate credit. I want to make sure that my businesses funded with money that comes from a separate source then my personal use accounts. It’s really important to me that I make sure that my business and personal assets are separate from one another, just to make sure that I am protected in the event that anything goes wrong.

I heard some really great things about one funding company in particular, and they were recommended to me by several of my business associates. Continue reading

We Needed to Be More Than Just an Account Number in a Herd of People

When we got married we had a list of things we needed to accomplish. The first was buying a house together, and then starting a family. We both had good jobs that were in a secure industry. The next things was to find an insurance agent that would be with us for the long haul. I absolutely do not want to deal with customer service of any big company. I want a real person I can go to if I have a problem or a question. If you have had any negative experiences calling into a big company for answers to questions, you know what I mean. Continue reading

The New Taste of Nuts


The grocery store was sold out of my favorite walnuts one day, and I was too lazy to drive to the other stores to get some, so I looked for walnuts to buy online. The first place I looked had walnuts for a fairly high price. On top of that, the shipping price was absurd, so I looked elsewhere. I found one store that had walnuts, but they were a little different from the ones that I usually get. They had ginger mixed in with them, which I thought was odd at first, but then I realized it would probably be a good combination.

I ordered the ginger mixed walnuts and while waiting for them to come, I broke down and bought some peanuts at the store. While peanuts technically aren’t even nuts, I was hungry for something that would fill that particular void, and peanuts were the cheapest thing that the store had. I’ve never been a fan of pistaccios, and the almonds were too pricey, along with the cashews and pecans. Maybe I should stop relying on this particular store for nuts, because they really aren’t doing a good job of keeping what I want in stock or having fair prices.

Once the walnuts came, I opened them and popped a few in my mouth. The ginger mixed with them really brought out the flavor than if they were on their own. I don’t know if mixing ginger with other kinds of nuts will create the same great flavor, but it’s worth a shot. There are plenty of nut combinantions that can be made, and if they all get enhanced the same way, then I think someone can make quite a bit of money from selling that mix online or in stores. I know I would buy a lot.

Packaging Roasted Pumpkin Seeds for a Living

I enjoy eating seeds. My favorite are pumpkin seeds, but the commercial offerings for the product were not that good anymore. I remember the seeds having a toasty or roasted taste to them when I was a kid. Now they just taste like salt. I wanted to recapture that flavor experience, so I planted pumpkins and made my own seed treats. I experimented with flavorings and seasonings until I got that roasted seed taste that was savory as well as salty. Not long after I was using two net weight filling machines in a makeshift commercial kitchen we made in a renovated building on our property.

I let friends and family have some, and that was all it took to have a business. I had went through my pumpkins fast, and tried to find a fresh pumpkin seed supplier that was local. I made a deal with a local pumpkin grower that sold whole pumpkins and canned pumpkin for the seeds. Continue reading

Back to the Game I Know


Sometimes when I was bored in my dorm room, I would load Forge of Empires in my browser and play it for a while. The game was a pretty good time waster, but eventually I got tired of it and moved on. Years later when it was released for smart phones, I downloaded it and became hooked all over again. The game had changed a little bit since the days when I would play it on my computer. There were micro transactions that I found annoying, but there Forge of Empires cheats to help me get around them.

Since the rise of the trend of micro transactions, I’ve hated them. They keep showing up in games, and developers keep designing their games to get the most amount of money from players. It’s kind of like how some arcade games had higher than normal difficulty so players would lose and keep putting in quarters. Continue reading

I Learned How to Be a Sales Consultant in Data Systems on the Job


I have learned a lot about computers and enterprise electronics over the years. I know the jargon and the limits of many brands and models of equipment. I can tell you what you really need to get a job done based on your parameters and how you want to grow as technology advances. Someone suggested I go into consultative selling after installing and maintaining equipment for a large corporation for a number of years. I was still an hourly employee to earn a large amount of overtime working constantly to upgrade and manage systems in a corporate data center.

I wanted to keep learning about new stuff rather than being stuck just in one place. It was suggested by my boss that I get out before I got really bored. Continue reading

I Lucked out in Love


It was just fortune, I met this girl at TCU and one thing led to another. One day a couple of weeks ago I told her that my roommate was going to graduate early and I had to find someone else to split my rent with me. That was when I realized that she had a good deal of money. In fact her family owns a lot of land which has oil and gas under it. She has one of those really nice apartments in North Fort Worth and she told me that I could just move in with her. Of course I should have figured out that she was richer than me all along. Continue reading

Less Outages and Good Savings on the Bill

My brother, tired of yet another one of my rants about a power outage, suggested I check into an electricity providers website in order to come up with some options. I need them. The service we’ve been getting has gone down hill year after year. It started with an occasional outage and now it’s almost like we’re experiencing rolling blackouts on a regular basis. Funny how the bill keeps increasing year after year as the service declines. After the power went out during Thanksgiving dinner when we had thirty people in the house, I knew that was the last straw.

I’m so thankful for my brother’s suggestion. Continue reading

Hunting for a New Apartment

I have been out of college for a couple of months now and for a little while I have been sleeping at my Mom’s condo, but that is really not a long term solution. She has no extra room, at least not until my baby sister leaves for college in another year. So I have been looking for the best apartments for rent in Florissant MO that fit my budget. I really want a place there because that is where my new job is and like most people I do not particularly care for getting out of bed any sooner than it is absolutely necessary. Continue reading

A Good Way to Avoid Taxes

It’s not a secret that incorporating company in Singapore can save you a lot of money in taxes. There’s a reason Singapore is chock full of various businesses of all sorts, and that reason is because the corporate tax rate in many areas of the world is a wallet buster. Even in the United States the corporate tax rate is much higher than it should be. You would think in this day and age of globalism that politicians would figure out that anyone with a bankroll and the ability to do so can move operations to Singapore while still doing business in the U.S.

I’m not saying it’s right. In fact, I feel kind of bad about doing it, but money is money and the economic competition is fierce. I need that money to pay employees and grow my business. Continue reading

We Use a Lot of Foto88 Door Gifts in a Year

Swag bags can be inexpensive or expensive. It all depends on who you will be giving them to. Movie stars would expect expensive colognes, perfumes, sunglasses, confections and other baubles. Swag bags for a child’s party might be coloring books, crayons, candy and a small toys. For our employees and customers, we use Foto88 door gifts to fill our swag bags for trade shows, employee incentives and other occasions. We fill the bags according the the occasion. We hand out higher end corporate gifts as employee rewards for performance and at trade shows. We have included things such as power banks to charge electronic devices and Bluetooth speakers.

There are so many Foto88 door gifts to choose from that we never run out of things to get for handing out to customers, potential customers, distributors, employees, vendors and others. Continue reading

A Natural Way to Get Bigger Breasts

I have heard about the proverbial grass being greener on the other side of the fence so many times that it actually upsets me when I hear it now. Sure, I know that there are different angles to look at things, but I am most concerned with what my perspective is rather than the perspective of someone on the other side of a fence that isn’t even real! For me, it was because my breasts were small. That changed though one day when I came across an online ad that said to click here for more information on natural breast enhancement methods.

The only natural method I had ever known was by sticking tissues into my bra when I was younger. This was not anything like that though. Continue reading

I Now Consider Australia My Home

I went to Australia with my grandmother about five years ago, and I really enjoyed it. She was there for a funeral, so she was busy with her friends there the majority of the time there. While that was a sad occasion, I did not know the deceased, so I just kept myself entertained. I explored so much there, and I knew that I wanted to go back one day. When I was offered a job there, I knew that I was going to migrate to Australia sooner rather than later.

I did not know the process at all, but I was not worried about that. Continue reading

Getting Started on My Term Paper

Of course a lot of the other people I go to class with are freaking out about this, because the term paper is really going to determine whether or not you are going to pass or fail the class. I know this one guy who is not particularly dedicated to his academics. The other day I looked over his shoulder and he was looking at this site called buyresearchpapersforsale.com. In fact I did not say a word to him, because I did not want to get involved. The truth is that I think he is a jerk if I had to be totally honest about it. However I am pretty sure that this is a really bad idea. If you go on the internet you can see why, although I suppose that is going to be a solution as well. You can find dozens upon dozens of web pages which allow you to check your paper for plagiarism. If you get something off of the web it is pretty sure to have been turned in some other place. Continue reading

We Will Miss the Big Hollowed out Tree in Our Yard


The old tree in our yard out front was rotten. It had a big vertical notch in the base of the trunk that a full grown adult could stand in. Actually, two people could fit. We even had our neighbor have a couple of her senior pictures done with it as a background prop. It was a beautiful tree up to this year. Now half the canopy was barren of leaves. No nutrients were getting to them, and that was the end of this tree. We called a company that does tree removal in Nassau County to come take it down.

They cut it from the top down using a bucket truck and even climbing gear and ropes. Continue reading

Electrician for Rewiring Old House

I live in a rather old house, and it was not until I was reading a news article recently that I started thinking about the wiring in my house. I am not sure when the house was wired, or if it is up to current building codes. But since this house is quite old, I am guessing that it probably needs to be rewired. I am going to find a electrician in Paterson NJ to hire to take a look at the wiring in the house and tell me what they think needs to be done.

Of course, I will probably differ to the electrician, but I am already going into this thinking that I am going to have to pay to have the house rewired. I was trying to find out some information about the wiring in my house on my own, by doing a bit of detective work. I found out that part of the house has aluminum wiring in it, and the rest has copper. I am not really sure how I feel about the aluminum wiring, but it sounds like it could be dangerous. Continue reading

I Learned That Keeping My Options Open Was a Good Move

I never wanted to date again after two divorces. When friends asked me to go anywhere they planned to go on the weekends where the opposite sex might be, I politely said no. I assumed that it would be of no use for me to go through it anymore. One night, I went out to eat with a friend. She practically forced me to stop at a party with her. When I walked in, I saw sex toys sitting on the hall table, and a bowl full of them nearby. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. But the party was wonderful and not what I thought it would be based on what was on the table when we walked in the door.

It turned out that the bowl at the entrance to the party was a funny joke that the two party hosts were playing on another, and none of it had to do with the party. Continue reading

Best Romantic Love Poems Online

My girlfriend and I have been together almost 6 months now, and I know that 6 months isn’t quite an anniversary. In fact, it is only half of one. But, I still feel like it is an important milestone in our relationship and I want to show her how much I care for her, and how much our relationship means to me. That is why I am looking for love poems for her on the net to see if I can find a really good one to send to her on the day of our six month anniversary. I really hope that I can find one that she will like a whole lot, but I am not the best judge of this. Still, I am going to try my best and see if I can find one that I think will be perfect.

Of course, that is not all I am going to do for the date. I don’t want to make too much of a deal out of it, because it is only 6 months, and not a year, or anything like that. But I still want to make her feel special. So I am going to get her a card, and some flowers, and put the love poem inside of the card. I am also thinking about getting her some chocolate as well, but I think that might be overkill, and it is not like it’s Valentine’s Day or anything. However, I am also going to take her out to dinner, which is going to be the most expensive, and most romantic part of all of this. I kind of want to make it all a surprise as well, and maybe say we’re going somewhere else, and then take her to the restaurant as a surprise instead. I am not sure yet though.

We Are Back in the City!

When my husband was transferred to the city office, I was so excited. We had been living in an area that was more rural than I liked, but we put up with it because his pay was really good. Knowing that we would finally be back to the city made both of us feel really good, and we started planning right away. It did not take us long to find a condo that we wanted to call home, so the next step was to find movers in Singapore. I was actually unsure how to go about this because the distance traveled was pretty far.

I looked for some tips online and was able to find exactly what I needed. Continue reading

I Now Consider Australia My Home

I went to Australia with my grandmother about five years ago, and I really enjoyed it. She was there for a funeral, so she was busy with her friends there the majority of the time there. While that was a sad occasion, I did not know the deceased, so I just kept myself entertained. I explored so much there, and I knew that I wanted to go back one day. When I was offered a job there, I knew that I was going to migrate to Australia sooner rather than later.

I did not know the process at all, but I was not worried about that. Continue reading

Info About Hack for SnapChat Accounts


I would really like to figure out if my Snapchat account is secure, or not, because I say some things on there sometimes that I really would not want to have out there in the public. I think it is sad that we even have to worry about such things in these times, but it seems like the internet is getting less secure, not more secure as I think it should be. I am going to check out this snapchat hack to see if it actually works to hack into my account. I want to test the account myself to see if I can hack into it.

I will definitely feel better if I am not able to break into the account, because that will mean that it is actually fairly secure. Of course, I am not an expert at hacking or anything, and so there might be ways that can get into an account that I cannot think of to try. I have a friend, or well he used to be a friend, that is pretty good at hacking, and now he seems to think that I am his worst enemy. I am pretty sure that he might attempt to hack me in the future, in an attempt to gather information that he could use to try to ruin my reputation.

I want to defend against that possibility and if it is easy to hack into Snapchat then I am going to have to stop using it and switch to something that is more secure. I am not sure what I would switch to yet, but I am pretty sure that I can find something out there. I have heard of some things in the past that are supposed to be really secure, but I have not looked into them.

Help with Unpleasant Employer Situation

Ever since I have was hired at this job, things have steadily gone down hill in terms of my relationship with my boss. At first, I thought it was going to be a great job, but it did not take long to realize that it was not exactly what I thought I was signing up for. When I was interviewed for the job, my boss seemed to be a very friendly fellow. I think it was just a front though because now I am going to call the employer helpline to see if I can get some information about business laws and employee relations.

I want to know what my rights are in this situation, because I feel like they are being stepped on, and there is no reason that my boss should treat me this way. I doubt it is even legal for him to treat me the way that he does. Continue reading

A New Order of Jewelry

I like to accessorize my outfits by adding some fine jewelry. Although the outfits look great on their own, the addition of the jewelry creates a complete package. I recently purchased some jewlery from an online retailer. I’m usually wary of online purchases for items like this because I can’t touch them or see them up close. You really learn about the quality of the jewelry when it’s right in front of you. In this case, the prices were so good that I couldn’t pass on making an online purchase.

Out of my recent purchases, I like the bracelet the best. It has some gemstones embedded in it that make it sparkle in the light. While wearing it, I feel like some kind of pricness in a fairy tale. Continue reading

Wondering if You Can Making Money on Transcription

I have been working on ways that I can make some money from home and there seem to be quite a few where you are involved in transcribing audio. For example there are a wide range of legal transcription services where they pay people to listen to court proceedings and type the words that they hear. Of course it is going to depend a great deal on how well the recording is made. If everything is clear and there are no extraneous noises, then you are just going to need to be able to type fast and type accurately. They are not going to want to pay you if you can not accurately capture the events. Continue reading

Finding Great Food in Singapore

I had to travel to Singapore for business not long ago. I wish I could have made it a more pleasurable trip, but there was just too much work to be done. The one thing I did refuse to do though was to eat while I worked. I was mostly on my own while there, so I took at least 90 minutes each day to have a delicious meal where I could just relax. My first day there, I did a search for Spanish food in SIngapore because I had a taste for it.

There was a Spanish restaurant called La Ventana not too far from my hotel, so I went there for my first day’s meal. As soon as I looked at the menu though, I knew I was in trouble. There were so many different choices that all looked absolutely delicious. I chose a miniature tortilla for my appetizer. I knew I wanted some kind of seafood for my entree, but I had a hard time deciding between the House Cured Salmon Salad and the Octopus. Continue reading

Rugs for Sale to Match Every Taste and Style

We give our kids a lot of leeway in decorating their bedrooms. We let them have a little bit of the oddity that most adults would judge teenager bedrooms as looking like. Fortunately, the kids did no go too crazy. Our son did want all the walls in flat black paint with fluorescent things painted on the walls. We let him do one wall and the ceiling. It actually looks pretty cool in black light. We found rugs for sale online that also look super cool when the black light is on. The room glows at night. Our daughter is a little more conservative and only wanted thick pile shag rugs for her room and mauve for the walls. She likes floral themes, and her room is actually very nice. Continue reading

Getting a Helping Hand Helped Me Get Better Sleep

I knew that having a baby would change my life because I had always heard that from a number of other parents. But hearing it is one thing, and living it with a child is yet another. You have to actually go through it to really get it. I found myself drained after just the first three months with my son. My husband has to be up early each day, so I am the one who needed to get up each night to check on our baby at night. It was tiring, so I read baby monitor reviews after receiving advice from other moms. It was a big game changer for me.

Babies need a lot of care every day when they are awake. And needing to wake up each night to check on mine, on top of the times that he woke and needed to be fed, made me a frazzled mess. Continue reading

Spending a Few Weeks in Turkey

I have been over here about a day and a half, we came in from Northern Italy by train. That was the most convenient way to go because we took a sleeper car train. Of course the logic behind that is that you are saving the cost of a hotel room and the trip is a breeze, since you simply get on board and then you settle in for the night. You wake up and you have gotten where you wanted to go. I am trying to figure out how to get my phone working now. Apparently Hgsyukle.com is one way to do it, or at least that is what this driver told me. Continue reading

Starting on a Renovation Job


We found this really old house which Dawn really fell in love with, but of course it looks a lot like it might be a bit of a money pit. It is a really old house, which was apparently built around the end of the 19th century, or at least that is what the previous owner said. His family had owned the place since 1968 from what he said. He gave us a long list of the home’s issues. The big thing seems to be that we have to get quotes on AC system replacement in Manhattan, NY. It has a system, but it is not really worth trying to keep it running and since there are so many other things that needs to be done, you really may as well do this now. The current system has been there since some point in the early 1980’s. Continue reading

Trying out Some New Looks

It is a bit strange, but I know this guy from college who has shaved his head. Still he has a kinky curly weave, a wig that he wears. At first I thought he was not the sort of guy who likes girls, because this does not seem like something that you would do if you did. He claims it is a display of confidence, but I am not that sure about that. I was thinking about trying to do something similar myself, because I really think that I need a fresh look. Continue reading

No One Will Ruin My Paint

A vandal was going around doing a lot of damage to people’s homes, and no one could figure out who was doing it. My house was hit, and I had to hire a painter in Morris County NJ to take care of the damage. I became so mad from this that I decided to do something about it. I went to the store and bought a security system to catch the felon in the act. The system has a 4 camera set up that looks at every angle of the home and records everything on a hard drive system.

The vandal made me a little paranoid, because I was always thinking that he would be outside of my home, ready to do more damage, especially when I wasn’t there. Continue reading

Setting Up a Little Home Office


I have just started to set up a new home office in the spare room of my new home. Of course it is the sort of thing where you have to cut corners when it is possible. I am going to be running a few programs like Microsoft Office and Quicken 2016 so I need the sort of computer which is going to perform well on the software that I will use. I do not need a bleeding edge computer that is going to perform great with the latest video games for PC. In fact I think I can get a computer that will easily handle the needs that I have for a few hundred bucks. My friend from work is going to help me put it together. Continue reading

Creating a Brand Online Presence

Ewen Chia is a name that is recently making the rounds on the web. He is well known for his marketing strategies which have been utilized by dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals and companies in order to improve their search engine rankings as well as their online success. It’s not surprising that individuals such as he with simple but effective ideas can make an impact as he has simply due to the fact that many online businesses, whether they’re a one man show or larger, believe that it’s as easy as starting a website. Much more goes into online marketing than a mere website or app but that is certainly the first step towards success.

While a website or mobile app serves as a digital storefront or window for users to visit and shop from, those users must become customers who are able to find the site or app in the first place. Continue reading

Shopping for the Important People in My Life

When I watch the news after Black Friday, I mostly see women shopping. That is because most guys don’t really want to stand in a store for hours just to save some money. It doesn’t even matter if it is an impressive amount of money, usually. I think that is the reason they came out with Cyber Monday, so guys could take advantage of some deals too. Okay, that might be a stretch, but it is probably still true. I am looking forward to a lot of huge Cyber Monday deals for 2015 because I am aiming to impress two little guys with the latest video game console.

I am dating a woman who has these two little fellas, and I know they have been wanting this game system for a long time. They aren’t the only reason I want to shop though. Continue reading

Old Bathrooms Turned to New


My wife and I watch the DIY channel a lot an often we get home improvement ideas. Recently we had the idea of making over the bathrooms and contacted a company for custom mirrors in Brooklyn. The mirrors would be the main attraction of the bathrooms, and combined with new modern style sinks and touch less faucets, the bathrooms would look like something that you would normally find in a fancy hotel. This would be our first attempt at doing a makeover on a bathroom. I bought some books on the subject to make things easier, but they really didn’t help.

Since a professional was installing the mirrors, my wife and I tried to do everything else ourselves. For the most part, putting new tile on the bathroom floor was easy, and inside the shower as well. It was a lot of work, but we did it without much problems. Installing the new sinks and the faucets were an entirely different story. Even though I had the book to help me, and a manual in front of me, installing them were still pretty difficult. Eventually, we called a friend to help us with the installation.

When my friend installed the sinks and faucets, he made it look easy. I guess since he’s done more installations that we have, stuff like this comes pretty easy to him. We finally had the bathrooms we wanted, and the first time I used the touch less sink was when I washed all of the grime off my hands from the work. I waved my hand in front of the sink and the water came on automatically. I could even adjust the temperature by waving my hand over each controller for hot and cold water. It’s amazing the kind of technology people can think of when they use their minds.

Bugged out by the Bugs


The roach problem in my home was unbearable a few months ago. I couldn’t really figure out where they were coming from, but I knew that I wanted them gone. I tried using some stuff that I got from the store and sprayed it everywhere, but none of that stuff worked. I put down various baits and traps, and even used some natural items that were said to stop roaches, all with no success. The final straw was when I installed an electric powered repeller that only attached more. I called for pest control in Brooklyn to deal with these nasty bugs.

The pest control workers came dressed in their uniforms and had all kinds of equipment attached to them. Continue reading

The Homes I Flip Get a Little Help from Me and the Experts

I’m a husband and a father of four children. We had one little girl, and then the next thing my wife and I knew, she was pregnant with twins. We always thought we would have only two children, so to find ourselves with 4 children was a shock. I decided that I needed a way to earn more money for my family. My father-in-law told me that I should try flipping homes. I have done well with it so far by doing most of the work on my own. Recently, I decided to hire roofing contractors in Bronx NY to help the process along. While I have done pretty well on most of the interior work on the homes I have bought and flipped, I do not know how to do electrical work and I have found that I do not do as well on roofs as the experts can.

My dad was a carpenter, so I learned some things from watching him when I was a young boy. I had no siblings, so my dad was my best friend. Continue reading

Save Money and Get a Great Deal

Living in New York was a dream of mine since I went to fashion design school. New York is the center of fashion and you could just sit and soak up the culture. I had found the cutest little apartment and I wanted to get a good deal on cable for my apartment. I found this website www.cable-tv.com/time-warner-cable/bronx-new-york/ to be very helpful.

Living in New York is not cheap so I needed to save money anywhere I could. I loved my new apartment and since you can’t get any TV shows with a little antenna anymore it was a must to have cable TV. Continue reading