Back to the Game I Know

Sometimes when I was bored in my dorm room, I would load Forge of Empires in my browser and play it for a while. The game was a pretty good time waster, but eventually I got tired of it and moved on. Years later when it was released for smart phones, I downloaded it and became hooked all over again. The game had changed a little bit since the days when I would play it on my computer. There were micro transactions that I found annoying, but there Forge of Empires cheats to help me get around them.

Since the rise of the trend of micro transactions, I’ve hated them. They keep showing up in games, and developers keep designing their games to get the most amount of money from players. It’s kind of like how some arcade games had higher than normal difficulty so players would lose and keep putting in quarters. Without using the micro transactions, progress in Forge of Empires is slowed down significantly. If you have a lot of patience, you can just wait to get what you need, but I’m not that patient. I prefer to get items, gold, and experience at a normal pace without having to pay for it.

The cheats for Forge of Empires are safe and easy to use, which is a bonus because I’m always worried about malicious software taking over my phone. It has never happened to me, but I know a few people who have downloaded some apps from some shady spots of the Internet, and not long after their accounts were hacked. When the cheats are active, all of the microtransaction stuff is bypassed, so everything can be obtained without spending real world money. Now if only I could remember to put the game down every once in a while and do something else.