Finding Great Food in Singapore

I had to travel to Singapore for business not long ago. I wish I could have made it a more pleasurable trip, but there was just too much work to be done. The one thing I did refuse to do though was to eat while I worked. I was mostly on my own while there, so I took at least 90 minutes each day to have a delicious meal where I could just relax. My first day there, I did a search for Spanish food in SIngapore because I had a taste for it.

There was a Spanish restaurant called La Ventana not too far from my hotel, so I went there for my first day’s meal. As soon as I looked at the menu though, I knew I was in trouble. There were so many different choices that all looked absolutely delicious. I chose a miniature tortilla for my appetizer. I knew I wanted some kind of seafood for my entree, but I had a hard time deciding between the House Cured Salmon Salad and the Octopus. I knew that I would just have to pick one, and come back the following day and have the other.

I chose the Octopus, and it was definitely the right choice. It was roasted with potatoes and it also had paprika covering it. I would have thought that I would be stuffed by this point because the serving sizes are very generous, but I could not pass up there Creme Brulee. I had nearly 40 minutes to kill once I was done, so I took a walk around the beach to help get some of those calories off of me. It was so delicious that I ended up going back there almost every meal that I had while in Singapore. The work was not fun, but the eating and beach walking more than made up for it.