Getting a Helping Hand Helped Me Get Better Sleep

I knew that having a baby would change my life because I had always heard that from a number of other parents. But hearing it is one thing, and living it with a child is yet another. You have to actually go through it to really get it. I found myself drained after just the first three months with my son. My husband has to be up early each day, so I am the one who needed to get up each night to check on our baby at night. It was tiring, so I read baby monitor reviews after receiving advice from other moms. It was a big game changer for me.

Babies need a lot of care every day when they are awake. And needing to wake up each night to check on mine, on top of the times that he woke and needed to be fed, made me a frazzled mess. I felt foggy each day, and unable to cope with simple things. That was not helping anyone, so I began reaching out to other moms in my social media groups online, and they were the ones that suggested that I get a monitor. If it worked for them, I knew it work for me.

My husband set up the monitor for us, and I was a bit anxious that first night before I used it. But once it was setup and we tested it out, I felt a sense of peace knowing that it would work quite well for letting me know if I actually had to get out of bed each night. As it was, I had been waking up on my own, worried about our son, and then would rush in to check on him. But now that I could see him without leaving my room, I felt safe in sleeping and only waking if I heard a noise through the monitor speakers.