Getting Started on My Term Paper

Of course a lot of the other people I go to class with are freaking out about this, because the term paper is really going to determine whether or not you are going to pass or fail the class. I know this one guy who is not particularly dedicated to his academics. The other day I looked over his shoulder and he was looking at this site called In fact I did not say a word to him, because I did not want to get involved. The truth is that I think he is a jerk if I had to be totally honest about it. However I am pretty sure that this is a really bad idea. If you go on the internet you can see why, although I suppose that is going to be a solution as well. You can find dozens upon dozens of web pages which allow you to check your paper for plagiarism. If you get something off of the web it is pretty sure to have been turned in some other place.

If you were clever though I suppose you could use the same sorts of web pages to meddle around with the term paper until it passed the plagiarism checker. That would probably be a good bit of work, although I suppose it would depend on how much you wanted it to be unique. Nothing is going to be a hundred percent different from every other term paper that had ever been written, but you can be good enough to pass the grade with a lot less than that. I am just not that sure what that requires. If it is three quarters identical, that would probably lead me to think that you had started out with something that was exactly the same.