Hunting for a New Apartment

I have been out of college for a couple of months now and for a little while I have been sleeping at my Mom’s condo, but that is really not a long term solution. She has no extra room, at least not until my baby sister leaves for college in another year. So I have been looking for the best apartments for rent in Florissant MO that fit my budget. I really want a place there because that is where my new job is and like most people I do not particularly care for getting out of bed any sooner than it is absolutely necessary. If possible I would want to be able to get to work within about twenty minutes of when the alarm goes off. Of course first you have to take a shower, get something to eat and I have to shave. All of that takes a bit of time and so if you want to do that then you have to be able to get from the door of your apartment to the door of the office in about half of that time.

It is my hope that I can find a person to share a two bedroom place with me. It is not so hard to figure out that this is going to be a lot cheaper for me. A two bedroom apartment is not really going to cost close to twice as much as a one bedroom place, so when you are splitting the rent it comes out to about sixty percent as much as getting a place on your own. If you get two roommates, then it is even better when you do the math. Obviously you have to be careful that you pick people who are going to be there when the rent comes due.