I Learned About Something Today

My boss has pretty much loaned me out to his wife and daughter. He called me up to his office and told me that the two of them were driving him insane with the wedding planning, so he was going to make me the surrogate father of the bride. He gave me a company credit card, but gave me instructions on how to cover up the fact that they were going to use the company to help pay for the thing. This morning the two of them went to the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore and they took me along so that I could take notes while they were waiting. The two of them got this stuff that I had not ever heard of, it was this machine that wrapped around one half of the midsection of your body. Some way or another this thing is supposed to freeze the fat inside you and then it makes you less flabby in this area. Obviously this is one of the major areas where people are going to want to get rid of flab.

The daughter did not really need the treatment. She was not skinny exactly, but she certainly was not fat. I could not hardly tell the difference after the fact. This was not the case with her mother. Obviously a middle aged woman in her mid forties is going to accumulate some extra weight over the years. This did not make her skinny exactly and she kept asking if she could come back for more. The technicians did not seem to want to answer the question, but it was a good one. It made me wonder how this stuff worked and if you could really do it repeatedly until a fat person was a skinny person, that does seem dangerous though.