I Learned How to Be a Sales Consultant in Data Systems on the Job

I have learned a lot about computers and enterprise electronics over the years. I know the jargon and the limits of many brands and models of equipment. I can tell you what you really need to get a job done based on your parameters and how you want to grow as technology advances. Someone suggested I go into consultative selling after installing and maintaining equipment for a large corporation for a number of years. I was still an hourly employee to earn a large amount of overtime working constantly to upgrade and manage systems in a corporate data center.

I wanted to keep learning about new stuff rather than being stuck just in one place. It was suggested by my boss that I get out before I got really bored. He told me that consultative selling would be a natural thing for me. I could be the guy who comes in and ascertains what is needed and then offer the products. I thought all places had someone like me who knew in detail every little piece of equipment that was needed and how it needed to earn money rather than just being a breakeven or, worse, a profit loss expense. We had such a large data center that we would measure the cost of paying people to manage an aging system versus installing new that required less babysitting. Those costs were measured in the millions of dollars.

I could do that for other companies as big as ours or even the small mom and pop retail places that need computers. The opportunities were wide open to me. I could do work for any company I wanted. The first job I got when I left was consulting for the company I just left. They were adding another data center in another state, and they picked me to acquire all the equipment and even hire trainers to teach the system to brand new employees. However, this paid a lot more than my hourly wage even at overtime rates. I was finally my own boss!