I Lucked out in Love

It was just fortune, I met this girl at TCU and one thing led to another. One day a couple of weeks ago I told her that my roommate was going to graduate early and I had to find someone else to split my rent with me. That was when I realized that she had a good deal of money. In fact her family owns a lot of land which has oil and gas under it. She has one of those really nice apartments in North Fort Worth and she told me that I could just move in with her. Of course I should have figured out that she was richer than me all along. When you go out with a girl they always expect you to pay for every little thing, but she would always take out a credit card and pay for what we ate and never say a word about this. I was surprised the first time, but then I got used to it.

You would not know this without more than a few hints, because she does nothing to splash the idea about. She drives a five year old Honda Accord, it is the sort of car that I could afford if I wanted. When she took me to see her folks I got a much better idea. They have a really huge piece of land in the middle of the part of the state has benefited most from the fracking boom. They have a lot of horses and cattle, but obviously the money is coming from the oil. There are a lot of people who just got really lucky to own the right piece of land. However for the most part they just act like ordinary ranchers and you would only know they have money because they own stuff.