Less Outages and Good Savings on the Bill

My brother, tired of yet another one of my rants about a power outage, suggested I check into an electricity providers website in order to come up with some options. I need them. The service we’ve been getting has gone down hill year after year. It started with an occasional outage and now it’s almost like we’re experiencing rolling blackouts on a regular basis. Funny how the bill keeps increasing year after year as the service declines. After the power went out during Thanksgiving dinner when we had thirty people in the house, I knew that was the last straw.

I’m so thankful for my brother’s suggestion. I wasn’t aware I could find another supplier and I worried about continuing problems even with someone new. My thought was that the blackouts were the result of a crumbling infrastructure. If that was the case, nothing would help because the power is still going to come through the same substations and the same lines. Fortunately some digging online revealed that the problem was with the company we were using and not the actual transmission structures. That meant a new supplier might represent a new hope. I had nothing to lose.

Not only has the new supplier been a godsend, I’m happy to announce that my bill has gone down. It hasn’t gone down by a huge amount, but it’s gone down enough for me to notice. Our new company seems to be on the ball and they know what they’re doing. We still had a couple of outages this year due to some severe storms, one of them involving a tornado that knocked down some lines and some trees, but the problem was fixed quickly. I wish more people knew that they might have some options in the energy market. You don’t have to tolerate bad service!