Make a Difference

How has the Focal Point on Youth made a difference?

In 1995, on the tenth anniversary of International Youth Year, the United Nations strengthened its commitment to young people by directing the international community’s response to the challenges to youth into the next millennium. It did this by adopting an international strategy — the World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond — to address more effectively the problems of young men and women and to increase opportunities for their participation in society. This World Programme seeks to make Governments more responsive to the aspirations of youth for a better world, as well as to the demands of youth to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


How does the Focal Point on Youth relate to the UN system as a whole?

The Focal Point on Youth enhances awareness of the global situation of youth and increase recognition of the rights and aspirations of youth; promotes national youth policies, national youth coordinating mechanisms and national youth programmes of action as integral parts of social and economic development, in cooperation with both governmental and non-governmental organizations; and strengthens the participation of youth in decision-making processes at all levels in order to increase their impact on national development and international cooperation.

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