Money from the Federal Government

I was talking to my daughter and she told me that she wanted to go and apply for a job after college graduation as a grant writer for the state of New Jersey. I asked her why she wanted to do this, and she told me that as a history major, there are a lot of monuments in nj that really need to be cleaned up or need an overhaul and she wants to be the person that will write the grants that will help the people in the state get their most prized possessions upgraded. She knows that it will not be easy but there are millions of dollars that are available from the government for this type of thing and it might be good for them to go and get some of the money for their own state. She said that she looked and the government does not have a lot of people working on this for our Garden State.

I told her that if this was something that she wanted to do, and she could live off of the salary that would come with this part of her job then I would be fine with it. My husband was not too happy about it as we have paid almost two hundred thousand dollars for her to go to an Ivy League school and she wants to go and work basically for nothing. She also has a lot of student loans out there that she is responsible for and it is very important that she takes the time to go and spend some of that education of hers to look for jobs that will definitely pay her well. I know that she means well but it is going to be a long haul for her to make it out in the real world.