No One Will Ruin My Paint

A vandal was going around doing a lot of damage to people’s homes, and no one could figure out who was doing it. My house was hit, and I had to hire a painter in Morris County NJ to take care of the damage. I became so mad from this that I decided to do something about it. I went to the store and bought a security system to catch the felon in the act. The system has a 4 camera set up that looks at every angle of the home and records everything on a hard drive system.

The vandal made me a little paranoid, because I was always thinking that he would be outside of my home, ready to do more damage, especially when I wasn’t there. I would look outside all the time, and check on my cameras to make sure no one was there. I would even look on my smart phone while I was away from home to see if I could see anything. This was a tiring experience for me, because I couldn’t get any sleep while I was constantly looking at the cameras for the vandal. I had turned into quite a crazy person.

Eventually I let my guard down and decided not to watch the cameras so much. There was no way I could look at the cameras, go to work, sleep, and do anything else at the same time. I just left everything up to the camera. There was nothing else I could do besides just hope that the vandal came back and made himself known. One day while I was sleeping, the vandal came back with a can of spray paint and decided to tag my home. When he did, the system picked him up and alerted the police, who arrested him.