Packaging Roasted Pumpkin Seeds for a Living

I enjoy eating seeds. My favorite are pumpkin seeds, but the commercial offerings for the product were not that good anymore. I remember the seeds having a toasty or roasted taste to them when I was a kid. Now they just taste like salt. I wanted to recapture that flavor experience, so I planted pumpkins and made my own seed treats. I experimented with flavorings and seasonings until I got that roasted seed taste that was savory as well as salty. Not long after I was using two net weight filling machines in a makeshift commercial kitchen we made in a renovated building on our property.

I let friends and family have some, and that was all it took to have a business. I had went through my pumpkins fast, and tried to find a fresh pumpkin seed supplier that was local. I made a deal with a local pumpkin grower that sold whole pumpkins and canned pumpkin for the seeds. He had various agreements with people who bought the leftovers from the canning operation, and I was able to source all the seeds I needed to get started roasting our product and packaging it. The net weight filling machines package each plastic bag with a precise weight of pumpkin seeds. They do not look all white like the other brands. They actually have less salt, but they have a lot more roasted flavor.

We have almost outgrown the capabilities of our two net weight filling machines, so we are planning on buying a third one. We have added to our production line and to the raw material orders we put in with our seed supplier. Pretty soon we will have to get seeds from an additional supplier as we will outstrip the one farm’s ability to produce pumpkin seeds for us to roast and package.