Rugs for Sale to Match Every Taste and Style

We give our kids a lot of leeway in decorating their bedrooms. We let them have a little bit of the oddity that most adults would judge teenager bedrooms as looking like. Fortunately, the kids did no go too crazy. Our son did want all the walls in flat black paint with fluorescent things painted on the walls. We let him do one wall and the ceiling. It actually looks pretty cool in black light. We found rugs for sale online that also look super cool when the black light is on. The room glows at night. Our daughter is a little more conservative and only wanted thick pile shag rugs for her room and mauve for the walls. She likes floral themes, and her room is actually very nice.

When we were looking for rugs for sale for the kids, I also found some I wanted for the rest of the house. I saw one that was perfect for in front of the couch in the living room to replace the one we had. It was thick and plush but not shag. It is so inviting to put your bare feet on or to just lay on. I grab a pillow off of the couch and watch TV like I did when I was a kid just laying down on the rug. I got smaller ones for the bathrooms and a runner for inside the area of the back door. I was going a little crazy buying rugs for the house, but they have so many choices that I could not stop myself.

I bought a matching set for my parent’s bedroom. Mom is not completely steady when she first gets out of bed, and I figured she would have less of a chance slipping on a rug than the hardwood floor when she gets up. She rarely wears slippers and mostly walks around in her bare feet like she did when she was a kid.