Saving Your Home from Mold

If you are suspicious that you may have a mold problem in your home, it is important to have it tested. A friend of mine who works with roofing contractors in NYC suggested to me that the roof is the first place that I should look. If I have a crawlspace then it’s likely that water has collected there, soaking into the wood which becomes the perfect home for different types of molds and fungi. Mold is one of the most aggressive infestations that any homeowner can battle. Too, they can easily cause a home to quickly become unlivable. Many molds have been linked to different types of health hazards including asthma and even brain tumors. This is why it is so important to get rid of the mold as soon as you find it before it’s too late for your home and family.

While there are kits available, it is a good idea to have a professional come in to do your testing. Some licensed home inspectors are also licensed mold assessors, able to test for mold with state-of-the-art equipment. An assessor will test your air, visually inspect your home, and can even use moisture meters and infrared thermography if a more thorough inspection is necessary. Once it is determined that you have a mold infestation, they can also give advice on remediation and prevention of future growths.

Knowing how to recognize a mold infestation early on can help you keep your family healthy and save money on costly remediation. The presence of mold can be an indicator of an even bigger problem like leaks or insufficient ventilation that can cost even more in home repairs. If you see the signs of mold in your home, don’t hesitate to call a professional in order to determine the best path to protect your family and home.