Setting Up a Little Home Office

I have just started to set up a new home office in the spare room of my new home. Of course it is the sort of thing where you have to cut corners when it is possible. I am going to be running a few programs like Microsoft Office and Quicken 2016 so I need the sort of computer which is going to perform well on the software that I will use. I do not need a bleeding edge computer that is going to perform great with the latest video games for PC. In fact I think I can get a computer that will easily handle the needs that I have for a few hundred bucks. My friend from work is going to help me put it together. I will buy the parts I need from a web site, or maybe several web pages if the best deal is to be had that way. I only need him to do the initial assembly. That is basically he installs the motherboard and the central processing unit or CPU. Once that is done the rest of it is not very difficult so long as you take your time and you are careful. It is all a matter of plugging all of the components and cables into the right place on the main board. It is not fool proof, but if you are reasonably competent there is not that much to the process. I have done nearly all of it in the past and the only difficult part is reading the instructions, doing what they tell you to do and of course the fact that my fingers are quite large and you do not have much space in which to operate. I am more worried about finding the right all in one printer at a good price.