Spending a Few Weeks in Turkey

I have been over here about a day and a half, we came in from Northern Italy by train. That was the most convenient way to go because we took a sleeper car train. Of course the logic behind that is that you are saving the cost of a hotel room and the trip is a breeze, since you simply get on board and then you settle in for the night. You wake up and you have gotten where you wanted to go. I am trying to figure out how to get my phone working now. Apparently Hgsyukle.com is one way to do it, or at least that is what this driver told me. Of course he did not speak perfect English and I do not hardly know a single word of Turkish, so it is possible that we may have miscommunicated. In fact my phone seems to be hopelessly lost here. It worked when we were in Italy and now it is simply not connecting to the network.

At any rate we are having a pretty good time so far, it is a rather strange thing to be at a beach resort here. Of course you know that there is a war zone not that far to the South. In fact there are multiple wars in this part of the war, the one you probably do not read very much about is in the Southern part of this country. In that part of Turkey the Kurdish minority is a very large part of the population, in fact the Kurds make up about a fifth of the population of Turkey. They are not particularly treated very well by the state and right now there is an open war between the Turkish state and a group that is called the PKK.