The New Taste of Nuts

The grocery store was sold out of my favorite walnuts one day, and I was too lazy to drive to the other stores to get some, so I looked for walnuts to buy online. The first place I looked had walnuts for a fairly high price. On top of that, the shipping price was absurd, so I looked elsewhere. I found one store that had walnuts, but they were a little different from the ones that I usually get. They had ginger mixed in with them, which I thought was odd at first, but then I realized it would probably be a good combination.

I ordered the ginger mixed walnuts and while waiting for them to come, I broke down and bought some peanuts at the store. While peanuts technically aren’t even nuts, I was hungry for something that would fill that particular void, and peanuts were the cheapest thing that the store had. I’ve never been a fan of pistaccios, and the almonds were too pricey, along with the cashews and pecans. Maybe I should stop relying on this particular store for nuts, because they really aren’t doing a good job of keeping what I want in stock or having fair prices.

Once the walnuts came, I opened them and popped a few in my mouth. The ginger mixed with them really brought out the flavor than if they were on their own. I don’t know if mixing ginger with other kinds of nuts will create the same great flavor, but it’s worth a shot. There are plenty of nut combinantions that can be made, and if they all get enhanced the same way, then I think someone can make quite a bit of money from selling that mix online or in stores. I know I would buy a lot.