We Needed to Be More Than Just an Account Number in a Herd of People

When we got married we had a list of things we needed to accomplish. The first was buying a house together, and then starting a family. We both had good jobs that were in a secure industry. The next things was to find an insurance agent that would be with us for the long haul. I absolutely do not want to deal with customer service of any big company. I want a real person I can go to if I have a problem or a question. If you have had any negative experiences calling into a big company for answers to questions, you know what I mean. How can a person in another state or even another nation help me with my local problem, especially when it comes to insurance policies?

My wife and I sourced the building of our home locally, and we even used a local lumber supplier. We like to support small businesses, and we insisted on taking the time to find an insurance agent that was local instead of just calling an 800 number. It helps to have an agent that gets to know you. Someone who knows where you live, where you work and what your own personal insurance needs are. Our insurance agent recognizes our children and knows them by name. She has been our agent since the first week we got married.

I like it when community is like that. It is nice to live locally. You are more than just a number when the people you buy the things you need from know your name and recognize your face. I never liked the feeling of being just another animal in the herd. I like to know who I am dealing with and be known by the person. I don’t care if it is insurance, the person who fixes our car or our family doctor. We are more than just an account number.