We Use a Lot of Foto88 Door Gifts in a Year

Swag bags can be inexpensive or expensive. It all depends on who you will be giving them to. Movie stars would expect expensive colognes, perfumes, sunglasses, confections and other baubles. Swag bags for a child’s party might be coloring books, crayons, candy and a small toys. For our employees and customers, we use Foto88 door gifts to fill our swag bags for trade shows, employee incentives and other occasions. We fill the bags according the the occasion. We hand out higher end corporate gifts as employee rewards for performance and at trade shows. We have included things such as power banks to charge electronic devices and Bluetooth speakers.

There are so many Foto88 door gifts to choose from that we never run out of things to get for handing out to customers, potential customers, distributors, employees, vendors and others. We buy new stuff on a quarterly basis so that we never run out of stock of door gifts. You may call them corporate giveaway items. Many things can be printed with your brand or logo. We do not worry about that so much as people remember where they got the item from because the gifts are so nice. It is like if someone gave you a fancy new electronic device, you would remember where you got it.

We have everything from small gifts such as quality six-panel hats to 4-port USB hubs. That is a favorite of mine because my computer does not have enough USB ports. I plug in two phones, a tablet and an external mouse and keyboard. A USB hub lets me plug more than one thing into an available port. Apparently many other people need more USB ports as this door gift is actually asked for by customers and employees. We put one of those in almost every swag bag we make.